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Thought Award

"Honouring a reflection on fine crafts"

Who Qualifies?

The Thought Award is open to any resident of France whose perspective, thinking or writing contributes to the status, promotion or history of fine crafts. The candidate – whether a natural or a legal person – is not required to belong to the world of fine crafts, which his or her work, however, describes. In each case, the candidate must put forward a new work of which s/he is the author, and which is intended to be published and distributed. The fields broached could be the social sciences, philosophy, visual arts, poetry, criticism… and take the form of an essay, a thesis, a report, a fictional work, a biography, a monograph, a photo collection...

The call for applications is now closed.

The Endowment

The award-winner’s project will be published and distributed at the Foundation’s expense. In addition, the award is accompanied by a cheque of €5,000 and the transfer of royalty payments.

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